Group Leader

 What is a Group Leader?

The easy answer is…..a person who leads a group! Okay, so we know that’s a really simple answer, so let us expand on that definition. A group leader could be the “go to” person at work, whenever the gang whats to do something together. It could be the person who the family calls on every year to organize the family reunion. Maybe it’s just a person who gathers their girlfriends for a get-a-way weekend each year…..they are a group leader.

 Are You a Group Leader?

There are group leaders for business travel also. Corporate meeting planners, motivational speakers, team leaders, small business owners who organize “incentive travel,” or perhaps a person from your church or civic organization who might want to take their group on a trip. Do you know someone who is at a management level with a direct sales company? Maybe they have the title of Director and they have a team of sales people in their organization…..they could be a group leader. We are looking for people who absolutely LOVE to travel! People who get excited to tell others about a trip they should all take together. Is there anything “in it” for you? Absolutely! However, because it’s really an individual thing…we’ll tell you about that later….one on one.

 What Does a Group Leader Do?

Here is a step-by-step format for organizing a successful group.

1. Determine the Reason for Your Group? (Family, Sales or just for Fun?)
To best serve you we need to know why you want to have a meeting. Meaning…. is this a sales event, educational event, or just for fun?

2. Decide on the Venue Destination (Cruise or Resort)
The venue choices for “Destination Meetings” are either land Resorts or Cruises. The most popular seems to be a cruise meeting because it is much more cost-effective. In light of the economy lately, people and companies are looking to cut costs any way they can. With cruising, just about everything is included in the cost of the cruise.

3. Lock-in Your Guest Speakers. (Get people who will draw a crowd)
After you have decided on what your event is about, then we need to find a guest speaker or teacher who can address your group with a sense of professionalism, and as an expert who has an invested interest to help you accomplish the goals for your event.

4. Inform Elite Group Travel.
By keeping Elite Group Travel informed on all aspects of your meeting and your “wish list”….we can put our expertise to work for your event and do everything possible to ensure it’s a success. With good communication and common goals we will work out every detail together.

5. Elite Group Travel will create your Personal Event Website.
Once we have all the details we will put together an ONLINE registration form, and a complete Customized Event Website.

6. You promote the Website Link.
This is the main area of your involvement. We will hand you the tools to make your event a success but you must work your tools. This means that you will be the leader….the “pied piper” to your circle of influence… friends, family and co-workers.

7. Elite Group Travel will Handle Everything Else!
Once you have done your part, Elite Group Travel will do everything necessary to make sure your event is successful. We will work with every client, answering all their questions and handling all payments and invoicing for their event.

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